All About Medical Malpractice To Be Considered

Mistakes are quite common in everyone's life. If these mistakes are committed by a professional in such a way that they are far below their working standards and may cause some serious loss or damage to the third party involved it is considered as an error. If such a medical error is committed by a medical practitioner, where he may be regarded responsible for the injury or death of his patient, it is said to be medical malpractice. It is also explained as an act of professional negligence by the doctors, nurses and other health care providers, who have accepted to treat their patients by providing proper medical care.

Types of Medical Malpractice:

Though the standards of mediation offered to the patients by different medical practitioner differ from country to country, the errors committed by these health care providers are in general classified into two types. They include:

Medical malpractice due to negligence

Medical malpractice due to failure of consent.

Medical malpractice due to Negligence:

The term `act of negligence' is considered to be a serious medical malpractice in case of a doctor. This condition is seen when the doctor or the health care professional fails to provide standardized treatments to his patients, which results in some serious damage through his acts of negligence. These errors may be in the process of diagnosis, treatment, post care and also health management of the patient. Medical malpractice due to negligence can take any form including the failure to proper diagnosis, improper medication, unnecessary surgery, surgical errors, premature discharge, improper care and follow-up after the surgery and more.

Medical malpractice due to failure of consent:

A medical practitioner is supposed to inform the relatives or people concerned to his patients about the condition, treatment and the risks if any that will follow the treatment even before starting it. He should provide them with all the information that can help them to decide upon in getting the treatment. If the doctor fails to do so and proceeds with his treatment, then it is considered to be a serious medical malpractice. Therefore the consent of the patient or his near ones is considered very crucial in medical terms.

Legal Issues

Several legal issues can arise as a result of medical malpractice. The patients who faced some serious damage because of the medical practitioner's negligence or failure to get the consent can straight away file a legal suit challenging the doctor. A patient must provide the doctor with all the information about his/her condition even before receiving some treatment. Failing to do so and still file a case on terms of medical malpractice, then the patient will be blamed by the law. But if the doctor fails to provide proper treatment even after having enough information about his patient's status, he may be sued by the law.

Every poor result obtained is not because of a mistake committed by a medical practitioner and it is not considered as a medical malpractice but if it is treated so, the doctor may get some aid through several insurance policies and thus concentrate on his duties